Here are some of our videos! They include some ukulele lessons and some songs performed with Makaton signs.

So get watching, listening, singing, playing and signing!

Please note: for our school music membership and online ukulele and sing & sign kids’ clubs we have made beautiful new videos with great audio production -check them out here:

Swim Little Fishy, Swim!

We made this video in Brighton UK, Summer 2018!

Here’s our new teaching video (below) for our Eco Song – perfect for your school!

Easy Ukulele For Kids 1

Easy Ukulele for Kids 2

Easy Ukulele for Kids 2-and-a-half!

Easy Ukulele for Kids 3

Easy Ukulele for Kids – Quick Tip!

Easy Ukulele for Kids – Which Size Ukulele?

September 1666 – Song about the Great Fire of London with Makaton Signs

September 1666 – With Split Screen Video Showing Different Parts

Gorrid the Horrid with Makaton Signs


A Pirate Adventure with Makaton Signs


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