Here are some of my videos! They include some ukulele lessons and some songs performed with Makaton signs.

So get watching, listening, singing, playing and signing!

Swim Little Fishy, Swim!

We made this video in Brighton UK, Summer 2018!

Here’s our new teaching video (below) for our Eco Song – perfect for your school!

Easy Ukulele For Kids 1

Easy Ukulele for Kids 2

Easy Ukulele for Kids 2-and-a-half!

Easy Ukulele for Kids 3

Easy Ukulele for Kids – Quick Tip!

Easy Ukulele for Kids – Which Size Ukulele?

September 1666 – Song about the Great Fire of London with Makaton Signs

September 1666 – With Split Screen Video Showing Different Parts

Gorrid the Horrid with Makaton Signs

Three Excellent Little Pigs Puppet Show

A Pirate Adventure with Makaton Signs


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