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Beautifully narrated story CD featuring all the piggy dialogue and magical songs from the hit puppet show!

Featuring the vocal talents of Al Start, Nicola Bloom & Fran Malone. Great for the car, home or bedtime story.

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The latest of our children’s show soundtracks to join the Excellent Go Kid Family!

Not just the musical soundtrack to our latest show – oh no! It’s the full story with narration and dialogue and sound effects and everything! Featuring the piggy talents of Al Start, Nicola Bloom and Fran Malone.

We all know the tale of the three little pigs, now enjoy this fresh and funny re-telling of the classic piggy adventure as the three friends head off on their house-building mission. Packed with excellent songs – what’s not to love!

Hot off the press and available here for bedtime story, long car rides or just great listening at home. Suitable for all ages, ideal for under 7 years – and easy on the ears for you grown-ups!

Track Listing – Chapters:
1 Down on the Farm
2 M.U.D Spells Mud
3 Going to Build a House
4 The Great Escape
5 The Wolf’s Den
6 Crossroads
7 House Building
8 Happily Ever After

1 Fiddle Dee Dee
2 M.U.D Spells Mud
3 Piggy Heart
4 The Great Escape
5 Mr Wolfalicious
6 Three Little Pigs

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