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Preschool Songs Collection


Download our brand new collection of dynamic, ground-breaking Preschool Songs! Each song has two videos – one for staff, one for the children. Learn Makaton signs for key vocabulary & times of the day, while developing children’s communication and language skills. See below for details.


Preschool Songs Collection

Al Start has been busy writing a brand new collection of preschool songs for three and four year olds. This was part of an Our Future City #BeWell project here in Brighton, UK earlier in 2017.

I spent 10 weeks songwriting with preschoolers from a local setting and working closely with nursery staff to identify tricky times of the day. The aim was to write a collection of songs to help with both communication and to explain important concepts to the children. Subjects such as sharing, washing (and drying) your hands, taking turns, trying new food, getting dressed, drinking plenty of water, learning each other’s names were explored. We had a fantastic time and wrote some brilliant little songs together! Many of the songs use well known tunes and they are all easy to learn and teach children!

Al then recorded the preschool songs and made a film for each song to be displayed on the PCs/laptops and or whiteboards in the settings. The films are split screen with Al singing and then also signing the Makaton for each song. There is one version for the children and a second to be used as a resource for the staff to learn Makaton and how to sing and sign with children. Al offers advice, support and tips for best practice and shows how it is far more simple and less daunting than you may think.

Split screen film example
Split-screen Film sample

The project was so successful within the setting with observation and testing (using the Leuven Scale of emotional well-being and involvement before and after the project to measure the children’s confidence, well-being and enjoyment) with every child jumping at least 2 points on the scale (with one even improving by 4 points!)  The songs are now played in the setting daily, the children and staff have developed their Makaton signing and communication skills – and everyone is enjoying the musicality and creative learning together.

Our entire collection is available now to download for your setting! Why not add a burst of music, singing and brush-up on your team’s Makaton in a fun way?

Singing and Makaton
Singing with Makaton signing

The Pack Includes:

A digital songpack for each song containing two versions of each of these preschool song videos: one for the children, and one with tips and intro from Al for staff.

Printable lyric sheets for every song.

  • Eating your Lunch Song – trying new food, sitting properly
  • Let’s Go Down to the Meadow – getting boots/coats on etc
  • I Can Drink Some Water – drink more!
  • Lenny The Leopard – sharing & taking turns song
  • Stop What You’re Doing Song – to get attention in room
  • The Name Train Warm-Up Song
  • It’s Time to Tidy Up – yes it is!
  • Washing Your Hands Song – step-by-step
  • The Goodbye Song – and see you next time ending song
  • *Bonus Video* – Al shares how to sing & sign with young children

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