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Go Kid Music Club

Build your collection of excellent children’s songs, learn the signs and be a star!

£6/month (Cancel anytime!)
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£60 for the entire year (and keep it forever) + We’ll send you a CD!
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We think children’s songs should sound as great as adult’s songs. We’ve made this children’s music club so that your child can learn well written, contemporary, catchy age-appropriate songs at home!

You can stream our videos on your smartphone, tablet or computer at any time and every week we add a brand new song for your child to learn. This smart and creative screen time can then be taken off-screen as you build your collection of song downloads and lyric sheets.

Great for the school-run to turn a stressful morning rush into singalong family time. Because our songs are age-appropriate you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing moments on the radio!

Turn those tricky, downtime “bored at home” moments in to fun creative learning, giving you some time back.

Even ideal for a musical bedtime story!

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