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Excellent Songs for Children vol 2 Digital Album


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 -Excellent Songs for Children Vol 2-

Volume 2 of Excellent Songs for Children is full of even more great songs your children (and you) will enjoy singing.  They are great for anyone aged under 9, and packed full of signs and actions.

 “…I finished the first album…then the children wanted more! So I had to keep writing to keep them happy! This second in the series is a little more folk-flavoured with some wonderful guest musicians on mandolin, bouzouki, fiddle & banjo…all sorts! For grown-ups with great musical taste who have children with good musical taste!”

We have included three bonus backing tracks so your child can be the lead singer!

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  1.   Better Not…
  2.   There’s a Bear in my Wardrobe!
  3.   Sept. 1666
  4.   Pirate Adventure
  5.   Gorrid the Horrid
  6.   Last Sunday Afternoon
  7.   Knock Down Ginger
  8.   Change the World a Little Every Day

Bonus Tracks

  • There’s a Bear in My Wardrobe (backing track)
  • September 1666 (backing track)
  • Change the World…(backing track)

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