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Ah-harrr me hearties! It’s only the finest Pirate Adventure Soundtrack CD everrrrrrr!

All the rip-roaring songs from our sea-faring, treasure-seeking, gold-plated stage show!

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Love pirates? Love singing?? Then buy this great kids’ album or you’ll be walking the plank…! 

Excellent Songs for Children present a swashbuckling, rip-roaring musical adventure on the high seas in this soundtrack to the live stage show by Al Start & Nicola Bloom.

Here are all the songs featured in the show, and a couple of silly bonus tracks to help you master the art of “Ahaaaaar-ing” like a true pirate.

Join us as we bathe in the bubbles of the Salon de Mer, the world’s only underwater hairdressers, baffle Sheriff Kraken into letting us pass the pass… tiptoe through the creepy castle (shhhh!) and bake the most delicious pirate cake ever! This album is worth it’s weight in gold…can you dig it?

Perfect for your sea-faring 3-7 year olds, and all you adventure-loving grown-ups!

Track listing:

  1. Prelude: A Pirate Announcement
  2. I Wanna Be a Pirate
  3. When I Was One… (trad)
  4. A Pirate Adventure
  5. Pink Shampoo
  6. Hey There, Mr Monster!
  1. The Creepy Castle – Live
  2. I Love Cake!
  3. Can You Dig It?
  4. The Goodbye Song
  5. (Bonus Track) Captain Al & Stinky’s Ahaaarrring Lesson Number 1
  6. (Bonus Track) Captain Al & Stinky’s Ahaaarrring Lesson Number 2

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