Nicola Bloom – Co-Writer, Performer, Singer

Many years ago, Nov 10th 1979 to be precise, I watched as hundreds of people queued around and around the block again for a ticket to see Abba at Wembley Arena. Abba were a phenomenon. Their songs could make me laugh, dance and cry and I can remember the lyrics to all their songs to this day (well almost!).

Abba and various teachers (Ms Blazebalk, Mr King, Mrs Coleman and Della Rhodes) initially inspired and encouraged my love of music and songwriting. As a child and teen I took every opportunity to be in every choir and amateur dramatic production going, even if it did mean being the smallest of Jenny’s Eight Jam Buttie Miners in my schools northern adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Move forward through years of backing singing for bands, fronting my own bands and dodgy haircuts to 2015 and I’m still singing and making musical friends along the way.

I currently teach ukulele, organise Ukulele Festivals and collaborate with Al Start to write excellent children’s songs and musical theatre. With every new music project I learn something new. Last year I learnt to operate a puppet! Who would have thought I’d grow to love Prudence the pig so much- not I!

2016 will be an exciting year for Go Kid Music and I’m really looking forward to being part of it!

Ten fascinating facts about me. There are so many… where shall I start??

  1. I have 27 ukuleles
  2. I can play a tune on my teeth
  3. I write songs but can’t read music
  4. My clothes basket has a name
  5. I can eat your donut in 14 seconds
  6. I have hacked into NASA’s computer mainframe without being detected.
  7. I can still remember my solo in Jenny and the Eight Jam Buttie Miners (1980)
  8. I’m a champion table tennis player
  9. I can make a great carrot cake! (It’s the only cake I can make!)
  10.  I have never smoked a cigarette