Fran Malone – Maker, Puppeteer, Co-Writer

Hello, I’m Fran! I love making things. Always have. Especially tiny things and little people, and making up stories about them. I also love doing funny voices and accents. A lot.

After spending 11 years being a Primary School teacher in various different roles, I wanted a big change! Now I’m a puppeteer, puppet maker and co – founder of the award – winning puppetry and performance company Herringbone Arts which specialise in creating magical work for children and families. I’m also happy and proud to be a part of the Go Kid Music team!

Over the last couple of years puppet and arts – related things have been keeping me busy!! My happy place is my studio in New England House, Brighton where I make my puppets and props and experiment with shadows and scenery….

I’ve been making and performing site – specific and promenade work at Theatre Royal Brighton, Spiegeltent, written and performed my own puppet- based sketch for an adult audience at Brighton’s sell – out puppet cabaret night ‘Punched’ performed at a few festivals, won an award and lots and lots of other puppet – based shenanigans. I also met two very creative people- Al Start and Nicola Bloom.

Rehearsing and creating ‘The Three Excellent Little Pigs’ (which sold out The Old Market four times over during Brighton Festival Fringe 2015!) was a brilliant experience and definitely a highlight of my year. I love this show, I love the music and most importantly I love collaborating with the GoKidMusic team!

Ten amazing facts about me:

  1. The biggest puppet I ever used was for Greenpeace where I was part of a team which walked a polar- bear puppet the size of a double decker bus through the streets of London to protest against Arctic drilling.
  2. I have lots of photos of TERRIBLE cakes I’ve made.
  3. I’m constantly thinking of little characters and stories that I could make.
  4. I can do the John Barnes rap from New Order’s ‘classic’ song from 1990 ‘World in Motion’ – though I don’t follow football in any way.
  5. I’m terrible at sport, but I don’t mind!
  6. When I was a child I spent a LOT of time reading, drawing and making things.
  7. As a teenager, I was in a few bands. My parents used to let us have band practice in my bedroom, with a full drum kit and everything!!!!
  8. Al and Nicola at Go Kid Music are great at getting me to sing and play the ukulele.
  9. My favourite animal is an Orca.
  10. My all time favourite movie is the ‘80’s puppet and David Bowie – fest ‘Labyrinth’. Actually I quite fancy watching it right now…!