Gorrid the Horrid was trying to get her ghastly Cookery Badge, but it wasn’t going very well. It seemed the harder she tried the nicer her food tasted. Her Toad and Turnip Pie was terrifically tasty, her Lurgy Loaf was lickably luscious and her Mouldy Mushroom Meringue was mouth-wateringly moreish!

If Gorrid was going to pass the test, she would need to cook up the most truly disgusting dish ever, because the worse the food; the bigger the badge!! Gorrid finds a really rancid recipe but the most vital ingredient goes missing (oh no!!!!)

Join Gorrid and her friends as she goes in search for the missing ingredient……..

Show details:
75 minutes. Performed with a cast of three and optional live band. Perfect for Halloween or for year-round spooky fun!

This musical show for children under 10 yrs is bursting at the seams with excellent original songs by writing duo Al Start & Nicola Bloom. Following the sell-out success of their first show, A Pirate Adventure, the duo took to the spooky basement clutching candles to write this charmingly disgusting tale of friendship, mystery, spells, witches’ cats and the search for all that is wrong and foul in this witchy world!

This one hour-and-a-bit show features three actors, a puppet, several dozen characters and some impossibly fast costume changes. The music is awesome, the humour is pitched just right for your little monsters and, of course, it’s great for the grown-ups!

Parent Feedback from Gorrid the Horrid Show:

  • Brilliant! Loved it!
  • Excellent fun. Good music – nice to hear all the different instruments. My son (4) had a really good time. Thanks, come again!
  • Cakes!! Glowsticks!! and that’s before it even started…My boys (3&5) loved it, thanks.
  • Brilliant! Buying the CD!
  • Fantastical!
  • Fabulous – Brilliant for lickle monsters! Awesome accomplished musicians and great catchy songs.
  • Talented, gentle, generous and committed to kids. What a gift to Brighton children their performances are
  • Fantastic, energetic and really fun!
  • Fabulous, as usual. These kids don’t know how lucky they are…grown-ups had a pretty good time too!
  • Great show – inventive, fun, just different – all good! And he got to gloop the gloop – happy child!!
  • Interactive, funny and just the right amount of time – Great!
  • Fantastic fun, love the songs – enjoyed it tremendously.
  • SUPERB!!

Really, really horrid!

Holly, age 6

Fantastic!!! The drums were my favourite, the Count rocked!

Lorcan, 7

It was good, I really liked it, especially the Pumpkin guy."

Oscar, 5

The cat was great. I liked the goo.

Beth, 6

A pleasant hour of songs and jokes, with a trio of engaging performers zipping through lots of classic monsters... the kids in the audience were always attentive and entranced

4 out of 5 stars - Latest7, Oct 2011


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