“I Love Cake” Song on American prime time TV!

“I Love Cake” Song on American prime time TV!

I Love Cake is one of our most popular children’s songs! It’s easy to learn and sing and is super-catchy! Plus it features just about every cake Al could think of! No wonder kids LOVE singing it!

This month Youtube sensation and star of ITV’s Little Big Shots, Little Chef Kicha, blasted onto American prime-time TV with his unique blend of innocent charm and cheeky humour! He featured in the latest episode and cooked up a crazy recipe while teaching Steve how to sing I Love Cake!

The audience were clapping along and host Steve Harvey sang along in his own comical way! Kicha had the audience in the palm of his hand – and at just 8 years old that’s no mean feat! Well done Kicha!

We first met Kicha when he got in touch last year and asked if he could sing our song with Dawn French on ITV’s British version of the US hit – of course we were delighted. And he sang brilliantly! Kicha lives in India and is rapidly becoming a Youtube smash with his regular cooking show and his wonderful personality! He first appeared on Ellen Degenre’s show and as she is the creator of Little Big Shot’s it’s easy to see why one of the first stars should be Kicha!

Take a look at how the show went down here:

Now, it just so happens that we are recruiting you little chef’s for our very own video for the whole song of I Love Cake, so if you or your kids love baking (and singing) this could be right up your street! Follow the link below to find out how you can download the free song, words and video and then sing along when you next bake up something scrumptious in your own kitchen. Send us in the clip and we will add it to our video!

Your very own little chef will be in the film! But there’s no time to waste – get your bake on and your video clip in by the deadline Friday 18th May 2018 – our cake timer is set! Happy singing (and baking!)

Here’s the link: Star in our New Music Video!


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