Easy Ukulele For Kids with Al Start

Easy Ukulele for Kids with Al Start on YouTube this Summer!

Dust off that ukulele in the bottom of the cupboard and get your kids strumming, singing and giggling as they learn this lovely little instrument this Summer. Now is the time to treat the whole family to a colourful little ukulele! Take them on holiday, play with friends, round the campfire or simply learn a new skill while it pours with rain this holiday!

I will take you from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Winner’ in easy steps with my funny little videos aimed at children, parents, whole families learning together and anyone wanting tips on how to teach children the ukulele. Learn simple songs, riffs, strumming patterns and loads of short-cuts to make playing instant and addictive! We will even write our own songs as you learn and of course you will know how to play many of my Excellent Songs by the end of the Summer.

Which Uke?
Which Ukulele Should I Buy?? How do I hold it? How do I tune the thing?? All is explained!

Here is video number one to get you going…please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you will never miss a ukulele tip again!

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