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Excellent Songs for Children Vol1 Digital Album


Excellent Songs for Children vol 1
The first in our Excellent album series – start here if you are new to our music. Features the most popular of our songs ever…Creepy Castle, plus a whole stack of original songs ideal for your primary-aged kids! Passes the “Great for Grown-ups Test” with flying colours! Download NOW!


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We also have an excellent online kids music club with weekly song videos, Makaton signing, lyric sheets and audio downloads. Along with gifts in the post such as a CD, tshirt, certificate and ukulele, 10% off everything in our shop and exclusive events throughout the year! Fill out the form below or, for more information, click here!

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Description of this Digital Album

Our first album of original, amazing children’s songs aimed at 4-10 year olds and their family. You will love this ground-breaking album if you appreciate great songwriting, good music, well played and recorded with skill! Songs that are guaranteed to capture your children’s imagination, get them singing along – and we promise they won’t drive you crackers! Download onto your phone, tablet, mp3 player or computer to take with you wherever you go!
Track listing:

  1. The Creepy Castle
  2. Bright Idea
  3. Five Pound Note
  4. King of the Jungle
  5. Turn Over a Stone
  6. Tizzy Song
  7. Let’s Harvest!
  8. The Dinosaur Dance
  9. Little Green Men from Outer Space

*includes three bonus backing tracks so your child can be the star!

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