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It’s Here….Our Brand New Kids Club!

Would you like to join our singing , signing and music club? Original songs to learn and sing every week!

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Join the Go Kid Music Club
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Exclusive online music club for children (under 10*) and their families. This is how it works:

Throughout the year the Go Kid Club releases weekly videos with Al Start so your child can learn loads of new songs, Makaton signs and even how to play simple percussion and instrument parts as we go through the weeks.

The songs are either brand new, never before recorded or firm favourites. These videos show Al singing and playing her guitar/uke with a split screen showing her signing in Makaton with lyrics running along the bottom. In order for your child to fully perfect their performance each song has a downloadable lyric sheet and audio to keep so you continue to build your song collection as the weeks pass.

Go Kid Club Members can also access a monthly Makaton signing video to build up their repertoire in different topics such as colours, family, pets, finger-spelling your name, Christmas and Spooky signs depending on the time of year!

When you join the club you will pay £6.99 per month (+£5 for siblings) to be a member and have access to a top secret password to access your exclusive and very special Go Kid Club page. We will email you each month with the new password and any special members’ news.

In addition your child will receive gifts through the post as the year progresses:

  1. A Go Kid Certificate to celebrate you joining the club
  2. A cool Go Kid Music T-Shirt
  3. A Birthday card from us on your child’s birthday
  4. A sticker and badge set
  5. A CD
  6. A kazoo and krazy kazoo quiz to play with your family & friends
  7. A few little surprises along the way…
  8. And if you stay with us for a whole year, A Go Kid Music branded Mahalo Ukulele!!!

 – Plus –

We will invite your family to members only exclusive events and you can come and join Al at GKM HQ for a fun music session!

You also get 10% off everything in our online Shop for your entire membership!

(We also have digital-only membership for £4.99 for families outside the UK, teachers, groups or for those who simply want access to the song videos, please see subscription choices below.)

Love it already? You can sign up RIGHT NOW!! Our Club has launched in time for the school summer holidays!

      Sign up in August and bag yourself a free digital album too!

Choose from the drop-down menu and click Subscribe to go through to Paypal payment page:

Subscription Options
T-Shirt Size
Child/rens Name & DOB:
Additional T-shirt Size/s:

Digital-Only Membership £4.99 per month:

Ideal for families oversea or who are mainly interested in access to the weekly song videos. Perfect for teachers, schools, home-school groups, after school clubs etc. If you would like Digital Only Membership (members do not receive the items through the post) please follow the link below:

Digital Only Membership Subscription:

Child’s Name & Age

You can cancel/re-start your subscription at any time, there is no fixed term. We offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with our service. We will not share your details with any third parties – you are our very special friend! Email club@gokidmusic.com

* Please Note: The under 10 age-range is simply a guide. All materials will be accessible and engaging  for children and young people with additional needs. Makaton (based on BSL)  signing will accompany every film and be an integral part of the club. The visual nature of our films/songs and themes combined with our contemporary songwriting/musical style also make this club ideal for children with SEN, hearing impairments & speech and language delay.

Al x

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