About Go Kid Music


We are a social enterprise – that means we are not-for-profit. Go Kid Music is committed to creating outstanding songs, music and live events for children aged 4-11 and their families.
Our aim is to raise the quality & choice of children’s music, particularly in the UK. We aim to support primary schools to include singing and music in children’s learning every day. We do that through our bespoke topic-based songs and teaching resources. Our online membership offers schools excellent quality resources and support at an affordable price.
We particularly want to support children with additional needs, English as an additional language and children previously/in care who experience difficulties die to early life trauma.


  • Inclusive – we believe everyone should have access to music & creative learning
  • Creative – we are always pushing the boundaries
  • Collaborative – working with others makes us stronger
  • Kind – we believe good business can have a good heart
  • Fun – singing, making music and learning should be fun
  • Ethical – we strive to keep our children and our planet healthy


Watch our film and see what we do!

Signing is a big part of Go Kid Music

Singer-songwriter Al Start has written a vast collection of songs for schools. Her songs are catchy, easy to learn and sound great to children and adults alike. They written specifically for children to sing – the lyrics are age appropriate! We have songs for Harvest Festival, Christmas, Easter and other celebrations. We have songs for topics – from science and geography to PSHE. We have songs for school assemblies and for sharing with parents and carers.
We use Makaton and British Sign Language (BSL). It provides an inclusive and entertaining way to engage with our songs that helps children develop communication skills. That means that everyone can join in. Children learn better kinaesthetically, and that, my friend is a long word! We have loads of videos for you to watch and learn a wide vocabulary of signs.

How to Enjoy our Songs and Videos

The best place to view our content is on our membership platform – we have a school music membership (all those lovely songs for cross-curricular topics) and several online ukulele courses. We have a fantastic children’s Go Kid Music Club that brings you Al’s Excellent Songs for Children in bite-size videos where she’ll teach your children the songs herself! 

I LOVE to play live and I am lucky to play with some seriously good musicians. We put on riotous gigs and music events for families like yours! Go to the Events section to find out what we’re up to next…it’ll be lots of fun for your whole family!

Al Start summer 2015


Founder and Creative Director Al Start has studied music and written songs, toured and recorded albums for many years. At the same time she worked with children in After School Clubs, playschemes, creative arts projects, lectured at Brighton University about Play and worked with teachers. She even used to drive the Brighton Playbus. (True!)

When music and play collided (completely by mistake) Al discovered she was on to something! Her children’s songs were so popular she made them into CDs which flew off the shelf, she gathered her band and did a show which sold out – four times over!! There was a BIG demand!

To cut a long-ish (but pretty exciting) story short, after 3 years building her audience and repertoire she joined forces with fellow songwriter and performer Nicola Bloom for fun and new projects, and the pair wrote their first big, children’s musical theatre show – A Pirate Adventure.

So well received at Brighton Fringe Festival (add more extra shows!) they wrote Gorrid the Horrid & The Missing Ingredient which has been a bit of a phenomenon.

Third show needed to be different so Al studied puppet making at Brighton Puppetry School. Three Excellent Little Pigs started small then scaled up to be the biggest selling children’s show in the Brighton Fringe 2015. This paved the way to welcoming GKM’s third member – talented puppeteer, maker and writer Fran Malone.

Fran Malone_Al Start_Nicola Bloom 2014

Following the success of the Piggies the power trio embarked on a fourth show for Brighton Festival 2016, and being somewhat obsessed with the number 3, Al went for the story of  Goldilocks & The Three Bears and their show “Just Right” was truly porridge-tastic! Another record-breaking sell-out! New puppets, new set, new songs – great fun for all!

time for porridge by Peter Williams
Time for Porridge
Photo by Peter Williams


So with all this success, Al thought she had better get serious! An 18 month “Business Accelerator”  later (huge thanks Entrepreneurial Spark!) and a seriously cool new company Go Kid Music was born in October 2015.




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Time to Grow…

2016 was a transformative year for us, we really grew up! Now a fully-fledged company with big dreams we needed the dream team to make the dream happen, so it was time to take on our first employees. Answering the call of the internship…

Our New Team
Go Kid Music Team 2017


Meet Phoebe, Maddie, Rachael and Lene…

My new team really gave Go Kid Music a great power boost, and we got busy spreading the word – I mean the music! The internships came to an end and my lovely gang went their exciting ways into the big, real world…but luckily for me one super-star decided to stay!

Enter my new right-hand woman – Phoebe Bazzard, Marketing & Production Assistant!

Phoebe EFF
Phoebe’s the one in the cool hat!

Nicola and Fran moved on and are busy making their own creations, Nicola teaches ukulele at Ucanukulele and Fran makes amazing shows, animation and puppets with Herringbone Arts. They may come back for shows from time-to-time but in 2017, Phoebe and Al took Go Kid Music to new heights with exciting new projects.  Our  Go Kid Club launched in the summer.


More change and growth for Go Kid Music. We have been growing our online clubs and school membership, and focusing more on our social mission. We are now what’s known as a “profit-for-good” social enterprise. This means we are really set on developing children’s music in schools and supporting children and their families. We are now an official delivery partner of Brighton & Hove Music Hub (SoundCity) which means we will work with more schools and develop as an organisation.

front cover of sing-play-learn with Go Kid Music KS1
Key Stage 1
front cover Sing! Play! Learn! with Go kid Music
Key Stage 2

Publishing! It took many years, but this year we published 2 school songbooks through HarperCollins (Collins Music) and are working towards providing topic-based songs in schools right across the UK (and beyond).

“Sing! Play! Learn! With Go Kid Music” 

We were again proudly supported by Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator


Jessica Kingsley Publishing
By Liza Stevens, Jessica Kingsley Publishing

Another great year for Go Kid Music – we collaborated with author/illustrator Liza Stevens and brought her award-winning book “Not Today Celeste” to the stage and toured many schools – Al wrote the music, Bobble Hat Theatre provided the puppeteering!

We launched our fantastic online ukulele clubs – both beginner and intermediate – and have seen lots of children and adults signing up to learn how to ukulele!ukulele club picture

At the time of writing this (August) our new album is taking shape ready for an autumn launch.


 Join Us!

How can you be involved? We always need a hand! You can volunteer with us! Send Al an email to info@gokidmusic.com

For every CD we sell, we are able to fund more music-making. For every ticket we sell to a show, we can offer a school more support. You can help us make more children happy and healthy through music.

Join us by spreading the word – the MUSICsign up for our newsletter, join our clubs and membership and buy some of the fantastic music we have made just for you and your children. All our songs are tried and tested on a tough, straight-talkin’ audience of 4-9 year olds, and (believe me) if it doesn’t pass the test with them, it doesn’t make it to your ears! Please help us in our mission and share our website, facebook page and music so we can spread that good stuff all over the world! Links below.

Let’s turn up the volume on Children’s Music.

Listen to some excellent songs RIGHT NOW!

What are you waiting for??!

Thanks for reading! Al Start

Al Start with ukulele
Photo by Tabatha Fireman

Go Kid Music Team

Meet Our Lovely Team!
Al Start – Songwriter & Creative Director

Al Start – Songwriter & Creative Director

“Al has a fine voice, is charismatic, compelling to watch and her relaxed rapport with children keeps them giggling” The Latest Review I have been writing children songs and playing music in schools for about 10 years now. I run singing assemblies in schools around Brighton & Hove, where the children sing songs that I have have written … Continued

Phoebe Bazzard – Marketing & Production

Phoebe Bazzard – Marketing & Production

Phoebe joined Go Kid Music as an intern in December. She was a winner from the start as her resumé was themed with Go Kid Music colours and logos, full of pictures of her children’s music party-themed afternoons and full of Phoebe’s fun-loving cheeky character! Following 3 months of internship we could not part with … Continued

Nicola Bloom – Co-Writer, Performer, Singer

Nicola Bloom – Co-Writer, Performer, Singer

Many years ago, Nov 10th 1979 to be precise, I watched as hundreds of people queued around and around the block again for a ticket to see Abba at Wembley Arena. Abba were a phenomenon. Their songs could make me laugh, dance and cry and I can remember the lyrics to all their songs to … Continued

Fran Malone – Maker, Puppeteer, Co-Writer

Fran Malone – Maker, Puppeteer, Co-Writer

Hello, I’m Fran! I love making things. Always have. Especially tiny things and little people, and making up stories about them. I also love doing funny voices and accents. A lot. After spending 11 years being a Primary School teacher in various different roles, I wanted a big change! Now I’m a puppeteer, puppet maker … Continued

Meet the Beastie Band!

Al is lucky to play with a great bunch of musicians...but who are they and what do they play? Let’s introduce you to everyone...
Carol Levi -Guitars, Banjo

Carol Levi -Guitars, Banjo

Carol plays anything with strings! Acoustic and electric guitars, banjo and bouzouki! She plays every style of music I can think of…rockabilly, bluegrass, folk – you name it! Carol has played in some really well known folk bands and toured around the world. She is so clever she even makes guitars by hand! So far … Continued

Deborah Shurvell – Mandolin

Deborah Shurvell – Mandolin

Deb plays the mandolin in the band. The mandolin is a tiny, light sounding instrument that is tuned the same way as a violin. Deb can also play the violin, guitar and ukulele and is a great songwriter with her own album. We have been great friends and played in bands together since 1988 – … Continued

Emily Johnson – Bass

Emily Johnson – Bass

Emily is new to the Beastie Band. She plays the bass guitar and sings brilliant harmonies. Emily is Carol’s daughter so music runs in the family – she can play just about anything! Emily loves traveling like her mum, and has picked up musical styles from all around the world. She also plays in a … Continued

Michèle Allardyce – Percussion, Drums

Michèle Allardyce – Percussion, Drums

Michèle plays the drums and all kinds of percussion – congas, cajon, shakers, even the spoons! She can play all kinds of different rhythms and studied percussion at music college. She plays in a Samba band too. You won’t get Michèle to sing anything, but boy, does she belt out the funny shouty bits in … Continued

Bill Melis – Drums

Bill Melis – Drums

Bill plays the drums! Bill has been my friend for many years and we have worked together as playworkers, taken our families on camping trips together and played guitar and drums in his man-cave! Bill is a great talent, he is solid and loud (and his drum-playing ain’t bad either!) Bill will feature more and … Continued

Seffy – Management

Seffy – Management

The sixth and the most secret member of the Beastie Band! Seffy has supported all my musical endeavours since she founded Lone Coyote Records in the 90’s (my first label). Her endless skills include designing and running the website, creating fab posters and CD covers, taking great photos, organising gigs and events, advising and managing … Continued

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