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Welcome to Go Kid Music! Here you will find great CDs & digital downloads for children aged 4 and over, primary school music education ideas and resources and some fantastic children’s theatre and live music events. Al Start is an award-winning children’s songwriter with over 20 year’s experience with children, watch our welcome videos and find out what we do!

We believe children deserve fantastic music that sounds great to their grown-ups too – and if your child has grown out of nursery rhymes, but isn’t yet old enough for rock or pop – you have come to the right place! sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll see you at a show very soon! Come in and take a look around – we have music, videos, lyrics, resources, live events and above all loads of fun for your whole family!

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Flash Sale!


Keep the Kids Entertained in the Car this Summer! 3 Day Flash Sale….For the next three days 20-23rd July 2016 you can download our fantastic digital albums  – Excellent Songs for Children1, 2 and 3 for just £2 each! Yes, just £2 (usually £7.50 per album and well worth it). That’s a whopping 70something% saving, … Continued

Easy Ukulele for Kids with Al Start on YouTube this Summer!

Dust off that ukulele in the bottom of the cupboard and get your kids strumming, singing and giggling as they learn this lovely little instrument this Summer. Now is the time to treat the whole family to a colourful little ukulele! Take them on holiday, play with friends, round the campfire or simply learn a new skill while it pours with rain this holiday!

I will take you from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Winner’ in easy steps with my funny little videos aimed at children, parents, whole families learning together and anyone wanting tips on how to teach children the ukulele. Learn simple songs, riffs, strumming patterns and loads of short-cuts to make playing instant and addictive! We will even write our own songs as you learn and of course you will know how to play many of my Excellent Songs by the end of the Summer.

Which Uke?
Which Ukulele Should I Buy?? How do I hold it? How do I tune the thing?? All is explained!

Here is video number one to get you going…please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you will never miss a ukulele tip again!

Easy Ukulele For Kids with Al Start

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Entrepreneurial Spark Brighton award winners

Al Start wins Entrepreneurial Spark business award

 Promising Brighton Chiclets awarded £10,000 at Acceler8 Awards The 10th of November saw Brighton’s Acceler8 event take place at the Entrepreneurial Spark Hatchery in association with NatWest and KPMG. The event celebrated Chiclets who have achieved recent business success in a day event that focussed on leadership before the evening awards ceremony. Entrepreneurs in the … Continued

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Go Kid Music Launches New CDs

They were EXCELLENT first time round, now we have made them even more EXCELLENT-ER-ER! Excellent Songs for Children Volumes 1, 2 & 3 What’s new? New 6 page digipak CD packaging Beautifully illustrated by Chloe Batchelor Bonus tracks added Backing tracks allow your child to be the lead singer and sing along Exclusive 3 CD … Continued

I Love cake! Written, Sung & Signed by Al Start
Learn the signs and words and sing along – everyone loves cake!!

I Love Cake! Sing & Sign with Al Start

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Review: Excellent Songs for Children by Mumdadplus4 (parent bloggers)

Here’s a great review from parent bloggers Mumdadplus4 – parent bloggers (with great taste!)….you can also find them on Facebook -loads of great reviews, recipes, ideas and survival tips for parents! We have been asked recently to review some CD’s produced by Al start from Go Kid Music and they are wonderful, the boys love … Continued

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Positive Feedback from New Zealand!

Go Kid Music co-writer Nicola Bloom jetted off to New Zealand for a lush old trip this Christmas, but ever-ready Nic was always on the look out for feedback about our new CDs all the way across the globe! She chanced upon a big family also travelling the coast in a Winnebago (or some equally … Continued

Welcome to my Blog

Saturday 12th December 2015, 6pm Hello! Greetings and welcome to my Blog! My name’s Al, I’m the songwriter behind Go Kid Music – My title is Creative Director! I’m so excited that you are reading my blog and visiting my website. Right now I’m sitting on my sofa at home, in my pyjamas, as I have … Continued

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Local Retailers Stock our Excellent Songs CDs

Local Retailers Stock our Excellent Songs CDs. We are celebrating as our local retailers get behind Go Kid Music and stock our brand new products. So far three retailers have jumped on board; Pardon My French, 15 St George’s Road, Kemp Town Village, Brighton BN2 1EB. Now celebrating its 11th year in Kemp Town Village Wigwam Toys, … Continued

Yes at last our Excellent Go Kid Music CDs have arrived! Great excitement here at Go Kid HQ as four HUGE boxes arrive and Al attacks them with a large knife! Watch our video of how it all went down, including one awesome Happy Dance!

Go Kid Music releases its debut Children’s CD series to the great delight of parents everywhere. Finally, a children’s CD that also sounds great to parents! What? Are you kidding? Give it the “Great for Grown-ups” Test and tell us what you think. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive to date, with parents telling us that the CD saved their hellish car journey through France. Or that the kids have finally given up on the Frozen soundtrack in favour of Excellent Songs for Children. Or that the grown-ups have been secretly playing it in their cars even when the kids have been dropped off! (Yes, be honest, you have done it!) I realised I was singing along to The Wiggles the other day, completely alone in the car…

Excellent Songs for Children CDs 1, 2, 3 by Al Start

We love hearing your feedback – it makes us the happiest! So, take a listen and tell us what you think.
We are pretty confident you will love what you hear – which is why we released three CDs at once! And don’t panic; number four is following close behind.

What we need now is to spread the word, so if you would like to do something kind today, why not share our link on your Facebook page and tell a friend how much they would love our music.

If you are really feeling the love, then we could do with some reviews on Amazon to let other customers know how much their children will enjoy our music – and it’s much better coming from you!

Please sign up to our mailing list/newsletter to keep in the loop as we have some really exciting events coming up, and ….a….new…SHOW!!!!


Our Excellent CDs have arrived!!

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